'13 Life in the Rapids* Vr. 2


Life in the Rapids* Vr. 2


Right in the moment, we, had embraced;
the moment of crave, yearning and taste.


We'd dance on invigorating ripples of happiness,
Streaming streams, avoiding currents of sadness.


Although, friction commingled, finding a way;
Splitting hopeful passion more than halfway…


Shimmering sands signaled of venturous waves;
Pounding sounds emerged from close by caves;
Glowering waters splashed in strengthful display.


I applied my ardent cloak to keep you within reach;
An effortless motion yet defeated by a punic beach;
A heat like no other now gone leaving me cold and weak.


No stream could stream and strum my water strings;
Missing your warmth, hoping to lead me to our Springs.


A lonely current I became, for you, I was not able to save...
I drift away with streams of sorrow, juncturing the tidal wave.



© David Joel Rodriguez

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Never...ever give up Mr R. 

Never...ever give up Mr R.