'13 No Way Out


No matter how happy my heart really is
It'll always be broken with the next kiss
I've become so dismantled out of shame
assuming the next one to give the blame
Though I can't bare the next one to follow
If it is love they want, it's gonna be hollow
To close will cause breakage when denied
Maybe a simple touch or whatever I provide
I am not sure that I want it anymore
She said try and it drained my core
Every offer after that was twisting
A dwelling life to death coexisting
Gradually did it become discouraging
a disappointment to my heartless being

I had offered and tendered
mended and nurtured
gave it all till the end of my breath
keeping it in till the day of my death
I fell deep and I fell so hard
Even in sleep did I fall apart
not even a simple gust
Saw me die in disgust

There was no way out of this one
All saw my existence as it spun
a swirl of hate encircled my skin
peeling away what I loved within
Thinking I could never be subjected
It was taken from me unexpected...

I wasn't born this way
I was made this way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...another rant



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ljmills's picture

I see my favourite poet is

I see my favourite poet is back on form.

Very deep...Thought provoking and sad.

I feel your emotions in your words.

Loved it...The poem...Not the pain.

Joel's picture


Thank You!


Although I feel I found this somewhere along a thought... I think I am, still..believed to be...lost. :-( I need to hurry up and come back...


"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"

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You're not lost

You're not lost sweetie...Your roadmaps a little out of date...that's all.

You'll get back on track soon, I know it! x