'11 A Cloudy Tease of Bliss In Abyss Pt. 2






"(...Work was half way done and I was headed deeper into this so called dream. I knew where I
was going. Yet, I became confused in this mesmerizing lust. I was sweating as this dream was
skipping as they normally do. Something always gets in the way during great sensation. But,
this was slip and slide with a girl with no face....."My pillow fell off the bed and I hate using the
pillow once they touch the floor even if the floors are clean".....What was I confused about? I
mean, 'get on with the dream,' I told myself... I asked myself if this was even a dream. I felt as
if I walked out the room and watched myself or watched each other devour ourselves whole with
the help of flaming sweat. Suddenly, as if Barry White's music played, my heart began with its
palpitations. My head was pounding and my eyes expanded as if to plunge into her sacred domain
of a vertical smile...)"
My tongue's greatest endeavor...savoring her every edge...
"She rode me like she was drawing on an etch-a-sketch."
All the juices had rekindled, bursting on the homestretch...

Her hair was vibrant, even as she voiced every motion.
Her titillated moans had hinted her upcoming explosion.
My hands grasp her hips as girth tamed her contractions.
Her arms opened, flourishing in the air as if climbing out...
She leans her fullness over my face as I pull out my stout.
She moans an oh my god for this day will end her drought.
Her liquids wrap my hips as she rests herself on my chest.
What a delight to be smothered by hot and creamy breasts.
She smiles...whispers in my ear requesting a second quest.
My tip flirts with her moisten lips desiring to reenter her abyss.
She demands those thrusts of lust revealing her vocals of bliss;
Clenches the sheets and generates for me her inflammable kiss.
Her semi dilated eyes craved yet a powerful deed,
I smile and amplify my motion with thickness indeed...
Her sensitivity engorged, fulfilling her every need...
With her hands clamped to my knees, she arches her back;
Blossoming to the width...with juices, cultivating my shaft;
Devouring the penetration, directing her mind off track...
I felt her heated portal, throbbing and ready to deliver.
Her shimmering skin flushed as her body would quiver.
Ravishing her paradise; unleashing her sensational river...
©David Joel Rodriguez






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I'm almost jealous of

I'm almost jealous of her...Almost!