'11 Back and Forth



Back and Forth

"...And I have yet to be embraced by your aura
knowing I am the smeared soul of your society
But I only think like that because of how you look at me
Like a speck on your poplin only to brush it off in disgust
How can I feel you when I know you are never going to be there?
Why do I admire empty space when your matter isn't going to fill it?
Wherever I roam free, I seem to sense you around the way
Always looking to turn around only to see a fading silhouette..."
©David Joel Rodriguez


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running_with_rabbits's picture


this makes me feel like I am 16 again and my best friend has fallen in-love with me and I don't feel the same:( haven't been in tune with that feeling in ages.

it also reminds me of the classic 'loner' guy likes evil self centered cheer leader movie scene. he likes her even though he knows she could less about him.

I also love the line "How can I feel you when I know you are never going to be there?", it hits home for me right now

thanks for the share

Much Love