'11 Back In The Days


My mind finally gave the signal to my heart
Somehow deciding it no longer wanted part
The shocking news to stop jotting down pain
Had caused deep tears to my emotional chain
My heart replied to my mind of the heartaches
To stop sending reminders of my mistakes
My nerves could not handle the pressure
The stress piled up on my back for sure
My spine became displeased as I aged
I complained and complained as I aged
I had whined to avoid life's simple tasks
Just to run away from work to have a blast
Aged now and knowing my back didn't forget
It hurts now, thinking back how much I regret
I had lied when there were physical signs pain
Excuses of lazy lies piled making it fair game
I'm sure my Back is silently laughing right now
Denying it's purpose; not allowing me to bow

© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Your Back never forgets...

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