'11 Mixed Sense of Valentine's


Mixed Sense of Valentine's

A Two Thousand Eleven commemoration arrives again for loves exchange
Postcards, balloons, and confectionery delights; awaiting a kiss to embrace

Due to my sickness, kisses were ceased on this day of virtue and attention
Though we couldn't lock lips, a cheek kiss sufficed our passionate collection

This annual celebration shouldn't have to bring out your missing love links;
Should be shown everyday and anyway, even during its temporary stings

Inconclusive trials; daring to resist, only to truly enhance our loves offset
To this, our affection flourished once again following our loves next step

Just another day arises for many and just another day that many have forgot
To one person, one rose is not enough, but to your paralleled love, it is alot

Love is not a toy. Mistreatment is debilitating pain, at times opening doors
Giving you a choice of opening a good path, a bad path, or neither door...

An overwhelming knowledge to read between those furtive invigorating love lines;
I managed to experience both tastes of love, and live to love my present Valentine

©David JoelRodriguez

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Lovely poem.Excellent wording

Lovely poem.Excellent wording about love...I enjoyed the read,,,