'10 Angel



Years surpassed our lives without you knowing my thoughts for you
A smile reveals an innocence of what was said or what I did not do

What a song to be, retelling my life in a spell for many years to hear
I had lived for the moment, skipping that Hi, may have been sincere

What came across me, that I did not say a word displaying me as timid
Turning the other away, my head down, nodding in regret feeling wilted

Many years would arise as to be angelically entranced with few clues
Traveling around her scent and smile hovering with cherubic views

"Oh please come to me, share your hands across my face, sculpting my textures
Free it from all complexity, simply apply your smiles, to fine with your gestures
Far away we are, with nothing to change, for paths, we indefinitely had chosen
Oh please come down, please allow me to revivify your withered wings again
Hold me tightly as I whisper in your ears of a hopeful new beginning of love
Casting away your darkness and replenishing your sadness with my touch"

Where'd you go, why, why visit me so, then decide to leave me in trance?
Oh, please come down to me; if only for a another moment to hold hands

Your voice continues to mesmerize my thoughts for you as the night draws
Shivers amuse my spine feeling gentle fingertips stride down to my palms

I began to smile as your presence was felt, illuminating my broken soul
My life was left at rest, a favor returned, to rejuvenate, making me whole

We touched each other in harmony yet I couldn't keep you for all eternity
I opened my eyes exhaling 'cold steam' only to realize it was just a dream

©David Joel Rodriguez

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"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"

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Paradisaical.  Quite simply

Paradisaical.  Quite simply the most  exquisite thing you have ever written.