'10 The Book "My Book!" pt.1


The Book "My Book!" pt.1

Ahh yes, I still think back, the first time I laid eyes on you
You were right there...solitary, with your pristine jacket
I could not wait to put my palm print on your silky spine
Eyes became watery as I went in, God you were priceless

My body read passages all over with 'a few' in my "chateau"
Page by page, gave truth to my heart and would never forget
I must say your front and back were just to divine in design
Cords underneath your cover were perfect, expecting no less

I breathed you in, admiring your ineluctable vintage perfume
What a thought, just to turn your page seducing your fore edge
I held you close to my chest, wrapped, cause your were mine
Mind felt a fixation, but "heart and soul" mattered nevertheless

Many times I would smile, prevented from others trying to pursue
Just the thought of you in someone else's hands an inner "rage..."
That day came when I left you in the open, having too much red wine
A precious gift to one had become someone else's scrap to a guest...

When I woke up, you were gone, without any clue of what to do
A pounding head with a heart full of countless beats and regret
As much as I wanted to neurotically explode, I kept myself in line
Twas merely a "rare" find, yes, very dear, but not for others to divest

I wanted to call you out loud, but some may suspect a lose screw
Funny how my mind entertains when it is lost and really upset
I thought I was alone and there was a scent I happened to find
An intro, which ardent book lovers would hate to have guessed...

"Before you hate, think before it is too late"

© David Joel Rodriguez

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ljmills's picture

Can't understand why so many

Can't understand why so many have read but not commented on this poem.

I thought it was such a beautiful poem.