'10 Wow, For A Moment There...


Wow, For A Moment There...

Do you remember how our hearts' would artfully react,
and the sensation when our spongy lips would interact?

Now our fluids would not even boil at each others sight
Our eyes turned away with a frustration ready to ignite

We would religiously cherish every second, close or away
Now, the sound of our damn names is too much weight.

"Remember when our skin touched, we believed to be in heaven?
Now it's scorched inside, furiously burning, healing every moment."

What sly campaign could have succumbed to this designed event?

Could Fate be having ambiguous issues and was trying to prevent?

Rarely will anyone even acknowledge destiny's sincere instructions
Only to lead to remorse, be secluded, left to ferment our destruction

This invincible game of love and hate will soon come to its riant end
Invisible as it may seem to be, my divine Faith will always transcend

"Remember when we auspiciously cried cause we were a match?
Funny how we did not shed a tear when our love had to detach."

© David Joel Rodriguez

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Transplendent Experience's picture

Had to look up the definition of 'riant'. You and your big words. I really enjoyed this one, I could feel the pain seeping from the words.

heatherburns35's picture


This is a beautiful love poem....Sometimes things happen that way...lovely expressions.......