'10 Heartless Appeal


Heartless Appeal

I really could not help to notice
"The world" peeled me like an orange
Thumbed and indexed on every side
Cut me all around like an apple
A riddance of unwanted skin like a carrot
Embarrassed me revealing my tenderness
Forked me across like a cucumber
Disposing of my hair like a kiwi
Pretending to drop me like a slippery mango
De-coring me like a succulant pineapple
Oh how you craved that banana...
Then sliced me like squash and tomatoes
Just to satisfy your insecure beliefs,
You tore me open looking for secrets 
You left me seedless
Unable to grow again
To you, I was worthless, yet,
To me, you were priceless
You...you were "the world"
You concocted me effortlessly
Tearing, slicing, peeling...
It all hurt and ended me,
and, as if that was not enough
You Just smiled and blended me


© David Joel Rodriguez

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heatherburns35's picture

heartless appeal

Your emotions are nicely described here.
sounds like you had the third.  good luck
next time..take care...heather