'10 Spiritual Juggernaut


Spiritual Juggernaut

There it came, the day that thought I had lost
Fought through many hours of my scorned lust
Hours of wasted time of my sketchy ignorant life
Picky to the fullest of what I liked or did not like...
Vague memories still lurked, poking to torment
My eyes submerge; my mind continues to ferment
Flushing skin drives in shock with my hands in the air
Mute screams in my head forcing out my silent despair
Clinched fists atop my head awaiting a feeling,
Like grass I yank and somehow end up kneeling
I stare at my hands sprinkling the crimson fibers
How does such a phenomenon leave you withered?
Leaving you fretful, eating your fingernails like string cheese
Fondling your insides with its sultry emanations only to cease


© David Joel Rodriguez

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