'10 Heartbreak Oh Dwell



Heartbreak Oh Dwell

Phrases from drunken phases, hovering my days in a daze, stuck in a maze
My hands raise to your suns rays awaiting praise to work you may appraise
Random thoughts that my mind creatively concocts, to display without delay
A taste we fathomed like when our hearts bass drum hopelessly succumbed
Yet, as we stand, I wipe your wistful tears with my hand unable to understand
Our two souls, off the chart, willing to restart, evidently had a change of heart
Oh, how unfortunate, that your lies seemed to reverberate off your silhouette
"How pixilated I was, yet, elated and sober I have become, knowing it's over"
My head and heart ache in the morn, physically torn, with my mental mistake
My pieces written, that were meant for you seemed like disease ridden puke
"How silly to have thought you admired me, how distraught, yet, alleviating"
You, were the sun burning me with your rays, laughing at my bleeding face
Gloomy sentiments lurked as I poorly reminisced of our passionate concert
To a gulping sound I've 'drowned' again, in a well without a consorted friend
The vehemence of wine refines and reminds my life of spurring and stirring
A fermented illusion of her face is a cemented rerun my psyche has to erase
Slowly I stand then stumble, hit my knees and crumble and start to mumble**
"Pour me inside your bottle, help me to rid of all that is sore, blind, and awful"


© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

**Borrowed from my '03 poem, "My Drugs"

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I simply adore this one.