'09 Unanimous Loser*


Unanimous Loser

I know you are not coming back completely
I think I have really made you run off this time
You might or may decide to come and see me
Only your body will as your heart will decline

I sit on a bench with my hands covering what I faced
Wandering my mind through the heart felt thoughts
or fixing issues as I had thought of them thoroughly
Wishing I hadn't yelled, knowing I should've embraced

Many many times I go though this benighting pain
Ignoring or denying my moral obligations over again
Having to lose my characteristics of soothing love
and rearranging its warmth with a churning shove

I hope I come to realize the damage I've caused you
Nothing will ever replace the happiness you gave me
There's no word I can say that will change your view
Broken glass, fire, and hands together, on my knees
Will never amount to the forgiveness that I may seek

©David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Suit yourself loser!"

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Transplendent Experience's picture

I read this and felt as if I was the 'Unanimous Loser'. It was weird to read something and feel exactly the way someone wrote.