'09 A Violins Violence




A Violins Violence


Through a tattered gloomy open window,
A wooden hollow voice freshened by a bow,
Followed by unsought sounds of violence
ridiculed euphonious sounds of the violins


In the back of my head I heard the violins
Such beautiful music with a reason to live
Yet, my breath for you was discontinued
Without a chance of it ever being renewed 


Though ahead of me there played violins
An astonishing and beautiful song within
Closing up to the waist, belly and strings
There performed the most hideous thing


In the end, there cued a stringed instrument
A melodious tune I wasn't sure what it meant
With the music so engaged for the beating,
continuing softly, controlling my breathing,


Even the most beautiful instrument deceives
Relieving such sounds by a monstrous being
Killing me slowly with every heavenly stroke
Riantly playing until my heart finally croaked



© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Most likely my mind will hum that tune in the near future...

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Transplendent Experience's picture

I had to look up a word in this one, I both love and loathe when I am forced to do this.