'08 I Fell Again


I know you tried to do it

I really really fell for you

So I brought a star for you

Without thinking I gave it to you

For you, to help light up your life

and that you most certainly did...

I did accomplish something

To make you smile and happy

Somehow, you left me in the dark

But I remained by your side

Only for awhile were you satisfied

Until, when the star became dim

So you told me to fix it

I said I could not

You laughed of course

breaking the light source

So I brought the star for you

Without thinking, gave it to you

But you, yes you

mistreated me

disrespected me

then, ignored me.

and left me there,

on the ground, alone

in the dark

for no one to see.

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heatherburns35's picture

A beautifully written poem.

A beautifully written poem. You express yourself very well.