'08 Dream On


I have lived through it day by day

The grief inside going crazy how I know

Thinking about you bedazzles me

I hate how I feel and can't stop

Why it's like this; wish I knew to this day

wonderful days but still live in sorrow

You don't know what it is that I see

I hate the feeling and does not stop

Support I don't want or what they say

"It is putting you down feeling life's low"

I really really wish it was how it used to be

I don't like this and want it to stop

I know you will never give me the time or day

It's crazy how I know, but like a cretin I follow

"He really really wants to feel that hearty need,

So he can sleep, work, and live better non stop"

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Afzal Shauq's picture

dear talented friend .. I can visualize your poems ...see , feel... means your words are making faces and the issues alive to see and feel... its one of them and with good theme...well done my best and talented friend... your more comments in litle detailed way are welcomed to add to my new book...sure