'07 Do You?

-Some Kind of Love

I, because it is ME!

M, because Mmm, you will see

I, cause I hurt without thee

S, for sensually breathtaking

S, for simply hot and sizzling


I, again, because you do know me

L, for not rolling out of my tongue so easily

O, because really, you are obviously OH WOW!

V, for voluptuous, since exchanging our vows

E, for deepest endearment, whatever you need

Y... Yes, Y, why you besides being salient, amazing... because

Oh my! Your very presence palpitates my soul intimately... and

U, because YOU are my EVERYTHING and the reason I breathe...

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do you follow? I can't...

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I follow

Melissa Marina Flores

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you never cease to amaze me... vjg