'07 More Than A Natural Woman: A Carpet Dream?

I wonder what it's like to kiss you...

Here, there, and everywhere

I don't know that part of you

you're unknown and can't bare

"plenty of throbbing bruises

no burns or noticeable scrapes

only hot exchanges of juices and

our body's soul enjoying their escape..."

You smell good,

You taste good...

liquids begin to evacuate

reminding how good you taste.

Nothing sweeter than this

commencing to your abyss

What's it like to lick you there?

Sample to tease again, being unfair...

Hold me against your saccharine sweat

Wrap me with your tender supple legs

Moan again to your body's content

Release to me your passionate scents...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

He exxxxxaggerates....

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Too bad I have tile

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