'07 More Than A Natural Woman: Teasers Among Us

Damn, that strand of hair

in front of your face

teasing me to the fullest

your lip, the way you bite your lip

hungry for some pleasure

ravaging me with your eyes

I walk by the room, you ravishly stare

setting yourself up in a place

I love how you try to get dressed

looking at me curving your back as you sit

sure do know how to wear that shirt

everything you do, don't stop, it's nice

I'd love to have you everywhere

(thinking to myself undoing your lace)

But we have to work; a needy emotional test

we call each other every minute

purposely call friends, delaying our body's yearn

it's almost over, with each other on our mind

Hard day at work, both at home, can't bare

It's so good to have our own place

and of course, we know we invited guest

still, our eye contact shows a naked grip

I know why you're wearing that skirt

for tonights bite will be a sexual fight

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41tulips's picture

Yep, you're a tease.

Melissa Marina Flores