'07 Chrystian on My Mind


Chrystian on My Mind

Finally arrive from a long trip, tired in need of caress
Gentle knocks on the door, give away your presence
Though sleepy, the door slowly opens
Your handsome face smiles in suspense

Your tender hugs and kisses your love and affection
Its been awhile, so you need my undivided attention
soon as you finish your hugs, straight to my room you soar
demanding music cd's, paper, markers, crayons on the floor

Watching cartoons, drawing to your hearts content
singing, dancing, making cute faces; time well spent
Without a nap your day would slowly but quickly pass
Had plenty of fun at the park then prepare for a bath

After your long hour bath, you begin with your colors again
Hiding your yawns cause you know the nights about to end
Suddenly, you stop, walk up to me to say "dada I am sleepy"
Standing right beside me, refusing to sleep without his daddy

I love the way you hog up the bed
spreading your tiny arms and legs
I love the way you steal the covers
giggling then smiling at your father

Lay you down, watch you breathe; you peacefully sleep
In the middle of the bed kissing your soft chunky cheek
you are all I have because your dad really is alone
tomorrow you go home, hope to talk on the phone

Well, there goes the weekend, again apart
missed you as soon as you left my arms
wish you could stay awhile longer
maybe someday, it will be forever

Even after you arrive
I miss the way you tell me hi
Even after you leave
I miss how you say goodbye

© David Joel Rodriguez

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heatherburns35's picture

your son

this is a lovely poem about your young son.
One can feel the love you have or him...
well done...