'07 Your Wicked Fragment


Every step a journey,

a heart like the sea,

waves crashing,

erasing memories,

souls crossing,

love dealing,

words exposing,

mysteries revealing,

So I thought...

zig zag I went,

night presented,

so I thought...

I never thought

I'd get so close.

The closer i got to you

the darker you became

You allowed me to see

but was not meant for me...

So I felt,

a hard beat,

It became weak.

It zigged

from above,

it zagged

towards center,

and broke below.

Became dark,

so I walked,

nowhere to go

without you knowing

I steered away from your lips

away from your silhouette,

away from dark regrets,

avoiding your physical eclipse.

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Jessica Amy LeBlanc's picture

Creative words. Has the vibe of a rap song somehow and I don't know rap music very well. Good job.