'08 Into The Blue


Into The Blue

Alone at home, visualizing your sexy sweets
Random thoughts rush in and out of my head
Becoming incredibly tired and ready for sleep
Dreams shortly followed comfortably to bed...

Tossing and turning to beautiful silky skin
Ravishing red fingernails lusting all for me
Your motion and sounds overtaking my dream
Submitted though yet, still do not want to plea

Everywhere, I was wrapped in scent by you
Everywhere we were, a leg, an arm, up here
We were very creative, but I really had no clue
So your sensual whispers in my ear made it clear

Every part of you needed to be pleased
Around the neck, thighs and breasts
But your behind, you wanted squeezed
All throughout, I was at your request

Your pretty face sure remained my dreamy mystery
Soft lily white skin slowly fades as I begin to wake
Rough around the edges but could be quite a story
Or just leave it a dream in memory of my soul mate

I know you are far away; touching you I can not
I sit and wait, breathing the scent of your letters
With photos or dreams of you looking fiercely hot
Smiling, playing with time so we can be together

If I write, it'll be hazy, unfinished of what it was
Maybe your lustrous kisses; beady ocean blues?
I can sleep again to continue our sexual cause,
Since all I can do is hope for this wish come true

© David Joel Rodriguez

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Jessica Amy LeBlanc's picture

Sensuous and kinky, but cloudy 'round the edges. Loved it!