'10 Women's Inner Agency

Women's Inner Agency

"Naturally, a woman is alot more than a man would have guessed.
A simple look, touch, or, a kiss can send them on a fluttering quest.
So, go ahead and indulge what you know you want;
Divine attributes, supple breast and a sexy fundament;
Succulent lips, hips and thighs with moves to flaunt."

Many years has man craved such a structure like them
Crafted with an everlasting essential oil for their skin
Supremely designed, always to be properly pampered
Created with amazing perfection, never to be labored
A bottled view they never knew how it would really be
A vision embodied like a curvaceous vase for all to see
Everything carved to seduce with exquisite smoothness
Undisputed with their sinuous walk and profound finesse
Impelling men to halt and leave an awe stimulating gulp
With illusions of a smitten kiss like a tasty lightning bolt
A commencement without an end of scrumptious sweets
If well behaved...will please a man with southern treats...

© David Joel Rodriguez

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heatherburns35's picture


nice work. you have described the woman very accurately.

Joel's picture

Hi Heather!

Thank you. I was wondering if I should place this one under "More Than A Natural Woman" folder.

"You think Einstein walked around thinking everyone was a bunch of dumb-shits?"

heatherburns35's picture


that might be a good idea. It doess fit there nicely. heather