'08 Subconscious Loss


I knew if I closed them

I'd still be able to see you

Though you left once again

I captured your baby blues

Never thought it could happen

and I knew I'd see you soon

I just didn't know when

so I dozed off to the moon

When I woke, I became sad

I dreamt of you last night

To me, it was very bad

(I still blame the sun light)

Somehow I lost you

I looked everywhere

I could not find you

lost in mental despair...

Don't know why I began to cry

I didn't want to stop exploring

and no matter how hard I tried

I couldn't control my own dream

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Hi. I miss you. I'm typing this so I'll know for sure you can read it. Miss MY FRIEND. Things change perhaps. That I will remember. Anyway I hope you are well, as I always have hoped. I'm crying as I'm typing this... how stupid huh? Have so much to type, but typing a few is a lot to say.

Melissa Marina Flores