'06 A Real Dream

-Some Kind of Love

"(Hey! I'm going to have a great day today

I have many things to do

many things I want to say

I have a girlfriend too

I want to go everywhere with her

enjoy my time with her

Let "her" drive my new car

I can drive around the city...fast

she can run her fingers through the air

This time, it will last

I'll stare at her during a red light

see those stars in her eyes

Go eat at any restaurant she would like

tell her she's out of sight

head home late at night

energized with delight

comfortable holding each other tight

kisses begin with passion

caresses end in lust

tonights the night of obsession

our hearts pounding after dusk

as calm as we begin to feel

we begin on our third intimate thrill

sweat dripping of her silky skin

only our minds know where they've been

her glazed dizzy eyes stare at me

she asks, are you okay?)"

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Awww!!! I'm such a sucker for your lovey dovey poems!

Melissa Marina Flores