'06 Just a Memory

-Some Kind of Love

The girl of my dreams happened to be there in front of my eyes.

noticing her long ago being seemed extremely shy.

Feelings were there but if I said I didn't want to meet her,

it would be a lie.

This girl changed what I called Love a "phase."  

When I met this girl, I new things would change.

She became the light of my undivided life.

The light which showed me the exact way.

The way to see things in a different perspective.

A certain prospect of a good life to live  

For that my heart will always belong to her and only her!

That my words are solid and Sure.

She may never know exactly how I sincerely feel,

but I will forever know that my view of her is real.

Yes, we shared our higher chords, exchanged words towards each other,

but nothing will ever fool my visions for a gorgeous female

that gave me a heart warming gift.

My life will and forever be Just a Memory.

"If" I was to ever lose such a beautiful angel like her,

it would forever be my finest Fantasy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Imagination is a beautiful thing!

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a very beautiful poem, another remnder why u are uniqe and very special to me.....nena

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Melissa Marina Flores