'05 The Messenger

Many ways have I thought of slicing you up.

You have hurt me more than a thousand times.

Don't try to run to your family and friends,

Because you will only get them killed.

You always considered me being a bluff.

There is nothing you can do about this crime.

Like a chickenshit, I'll get you from behind.

While you're on the ground, you'll witness yourself get peeled.

You never knew when enough was enough.

Now is my chance to cut you a thousand times.

No one will recognize you, not even your family or friends.

Besides, you'll be dead anyway, so I'll never be revealed....

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41tulips's picture

This poem is quite powerful, it's intimidating to me and it's creative in its own nature. This person that just wrote this poem needs to control their inner demons before they attack the heart that helps that person breathe this life away (this could mean two different things). This poem is bittersweet to me, as a friend, but awesome as a writer. Bittersweet meaning I don't know the person who wrote this poem... at all. I hope the person I once knew comes back... Awesome... If I wasn't a friend, I'd say this would be one of my favorite poems. The power of anger, hatred... its what made this poem so alive to me. Your friend always, Mel

Melissa Marina Flores