'05 Broken Tears+

-Some Kind of Love



Contents have been freed..
Slowly, some trickle in shapes of a seed.
But the confusion still goes on.
Lonely and tired with nothing but a yawn.
I will never be understood
and things will never be as they should.
My rain fades into small parts,
upside down dividing like a broken heart.
My water curves my skin then disappears
leaving my face with dried rivers of broken tears

Every drop is or has been a lost damaged emotion
Creating at my feet a sad and salty lonely ocean.



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41tulips's picture

Whenever I get to see you, you don't seem as sad as your poems. The majority of your poems are touching and moving. If this is how you feel, you express it extremely well.

Melissa Marina Flores

Mel's picture

Its sad but I love it.