'05 Synonymous Affair


I was there and didn't really notice it.

When are the pictures going to really fit?

I have unscrambled them, but still are a bit hazy.

As I became older, I started to get more lazy.

I am aware of the things I've done,

but was it really really fun?

I started to think to myself...

As I began to think, I began to laugh...hysterically!

What the fuck! Where is my head heading?

This crazy life that I've been betting...

I wake, I work, I arrive..., where am I?

I feel like a damn robot, I can't deny!

Every tear that secretes is hardly earned,

but where is this lesson I haven't yet learned!

I am tired, always, and seem to be whinning!

(of course I was there) It was I that was staring.

I noticed every single melancholy detail...

Where I went, What I was doing was all TO, going to fail!

My instincts followed a failed Interstate.

Now I sit waiting for my own mental debate.

What I notice is that I tend to get more and more...lost!

The days are light, but still wander around heavy stressed.

So, what is there to do, but have an alcoholic ambition.

With great precision create an envision and come up with a decision.

So this is what they call L.I.F.E.

An organism, a living characteristic willing or shall I say able to thrive!

Have you ever exercised on a stationary bike?

(Sure, it's just exercise) You work hard for drops of sweat.

But how many people feel like they've busted their ass and later find out they are still in the same place.

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Who'd wanna read this anyway.

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This is so adorably interesting and true.