'05 The Darker Side of Him

This is you blaming the world

These people you would love to prune

Destroy the creator of organisms

There is no one you know I have told

I was the one there when you were ruined

I put you inside my deranged prison

No! you will not leave here.

My blood is all you have for food

If you try to leave, I'll breathe you in

What is the right word for your fear?

What will you do, now that you are screwed?

Ever felt you were alone wondering where you've been...?

If I break you, would you reveal the real me?

If I whisper my pain, would you contemplate my truth?

I have realized now this feel of intrusion!

There is no way you will be set free.

What part of my life will I begin to seduce?

In which way will it be the motion?

I have not yet thought the words to start the suffering

It will be slow in an unspeakable process

The acid will drip off your pale skin.

Your liquid body will be the only thing moving

Remain trapped inside and powerless

You have no idea what I have seen!

Ah! Here is this paintbrush with someone's hair

Dip it in the solution drawing on your helpless corpse

Scream all you want, no one can recognize your voice

Let me brush around your eyes and remove the pair

Just like a canvas I begin to recall this mess

What was that you said? Did you make a noise?

Please let me finish my art, it'll feel nice in the end

Takes a while, but a mirror is all that I have

Yes, I know, it burns, but it's a nice burn.

Soon you will forget what I have done; you will mend

The tears are salty, so you have the help on my behalf

I am begining to feel you're in no interest to learn.

If I say something, you will hear it!

If I do something, you will do it!

If it is pain I endure, you WILL feel it!

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41tulips's picture

I fucking loved this one. One question... were you pissed off when you wrote this? hehe

Melissa Marina Flores

nena's picture

i just read your poem and it left me thinking. i like it though.