'05 Life in the Rapids*

-Some Kind of Love



We had waved at each other with every riveting storm.

Our souls parade was heard everywhere we'd roam


We went through all amorous streams of happiness,

clashed with rivers of anger and currents of sadness.


Sometimes the water would heat up;

Sometimes the water would get cold


Along the way, the body of water became impure.

As if there was no hope for cleansing or to endure,


We had lost our waves and our atmospheric colour.

Hoping that an unfaltering current would link us together,


Nature assisted the detachment only to flow us farther

Our last and final hug became this luke warm water...


Further down we witnessed our biggest challenge, a waterfall.

We lost each other through the mist becoming worse by nightfall


Now...I travel endlessly over the world in sad clouds of grey,

hoping that someday we meet again in a storm...and wave.




© David Joel Rodriguez




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This one is beautiful

Melissa Marina Flores