'10 The Book "Recap" pt.3


The Book "Recap" pt.3

'My cherished item was lost, ripped and cindered...now, what to do'
As I held 'your' jacket, I was too angry that I remained completely quiet
On my couch, I mourned my ever wanted purchase with a glass of wine
Many thoughts haunted me; why and how he reacted to his inner protest

I called his girl and asked for him, just to get another run through
She had been looking for him all day but she told me their situation
I did not tell her what he did but she reassured me all will be alright
My phone died immediately after she said 'bye'; timing was perfect

His phone was off and there was no sign of him the entire afternoon
A dead and charging phone, yet, somehow soothed from aggression
I went outside to investigate more of the remains and say 'goodbye'
I can buy you again, but unlike others, I'm a collector of first editions

Couldn't figure out where he was with 'Mr. Darkness' arriving soon
He didn't do a good job cleaning so I hope he hasn't gone home yet
Bottles everywhere; Must've been quite a few people here last night
I guess he stayed up all night concocting his burnt paper session

Slowly but surely...processing, memories visited by the living room
'A hell of a night to have been 'flaunting a book' to a few friends'
I do believe to have taken the book and not leaving it in plain sight
I guess that did not happen since I found it mutilated and burning

Whatever the cause, it is done and gone; now is the time for some food
So, I enter my home to the sound of the phone and doorbell resonance
Maybe it's my brother, of course I wasn't going to kill him, it's not right
Who could it be? I'm hungry, hungover, tired with a 'pinch' of depression

© David Joel Rodriguez

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Thinking you should back off the meds a bit dude.