'08 A Sweet Secret


A Sweet Secret

Oh there I go, into the wild once again
Things happen when gaining a friend.
A friend that admired you for several years,
never knowing they'd be the right tears.
Years changed, leaving trails of thought,
yet, learning mistakes or what was taught
What decisions are wrong?
Going so far, following the correct emotion
What decisions are right?
Following your heart living in playwright
Loving, yet, forgetting what you've got
Loving, yet, knowing it's only your plot
How much more can a heart wither?
disregarding emotional internal fever...
I've got you now living your every sentiment
At your attention everyday one hundred percent
I really knew it was going to happen in time
knowing one day you were going to be mine
Touching, with heart and mind through my finger tips
Devouring you with endless pleasure, kissing your lips

©David Joel Rodriguez

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