'04 Glancing your Dream...


There, a creepy book begins to open

With every page, so bright, so golden...

Knowledge speaks of dreams and fantasies

Discovering the life of this spreading disease...

The power to perceive can take you to a place...

Slowly appearing, the image of an individuals face...

Closing your mind, you'll never know

Opening your mind; begining to grow

Open your eyes, reveal the key to a door

Close your eyes, explore, there's more

Let's travel to the place YOU call home

For now, I will call it, my unknown

I rapidly get to a point that I have never seen

Suddenly flashing as of some past routine

I have thought it before and can not focus when

Momentarily stuck in this world of delusion

An abrupt vision distorts my physical aspiration

I've trouble finding my way back to the state of elation

Where was I, I can not forget, then again,

no need to remember, I was mearly a guest.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's up with your mind anyway? There's nothing in there!

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