'10 The Book "Recapped Assumption" pt.4


The Book "Recapped Assumption" pt.4

As I opened the door, no one was there and I was not in the mood
I closed the door, my phone rang and it was my brother's woman
Happy to reach me asking why I hung up, saying "that was not nice"
I told her my phone died when she said 'bye'; "by the way," she meant.

Followed by, "I forgot to tell you that, between your mattress, I hid your book"
"What!? Really?! But my brother bur...rned my... Really?! Doesn't make sense?
I ran saying bye to get my 'oh no, it's not an obsession' and my body began to cry
She said she hid it from my brother because he was comparing covers again

Upon my prime time discovery of my precious volume, I relished in elated tune
I swapped out the jackets like she told me she might have done by accident
I began thinking of this morning; what he was saying as I gestured my evil eye
All I did was just stare at him, watching his lips ramble away in my faded silence

I know I didn't hear his complete story since it was obvious he 'had' one too
Being so full of anger with frightful thoughts, I avoided escalation of tension
I really ignored everything as I also witnessed 'her brilliant vest' on the side
What he said was, he visited, read, liked, purchased then became discontent

A knock at the back door followed as my unorganized thoughts presumed
My brother had finished cleaning the back and appeared to... "self reset"
I, on the other hand, clarified a tiny few things to end my night with a smile
He mentioned to correct some things about his relationships' "malnutrition..."

"The Book" apparently absorbed him, comparing his reality with the book
His girl bought him a similar copy and saw a difference in his passion
Not comprehending, he became overwhelmed with the printed advice
Fixated on love's differential, "ending 'His book' with hate's equations..."


© David Joel Rodriguez

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"...and I'm...Zzzz...still hungry..."

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