'09 Shattered Valentine



I heard a crackling sound most of the day
Really couldn't stand for this month to go away
I hate what is coming up; everything, everyone
I'm getting ugly without a doubt, still with no gun
How can I even live like this if I do not love
I'm just a common soul living days too rough
Whining as they go, waking without purpose
Nobody who listens for distress or to discuss
I get this lightning pain as THE day arrives
A pain in my chest that no more I wish to fight
No matter how hard and deep I decide to pray
Everyday seems to be lusterless; annoying grey
My life collapses, my roads have no direction
I'm lacking my inner red, my hue, my reflection

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Alison Perry's picture

don't worry.. there are good and bad days you'll be okay with alot of TLC!