'03 Remember My Pain

Suddenly I feel a hot spell scorching through

I look around not knowing what to do.

I try to reach for the nearest shade

Doesn't matter, I still feel my burning face.

I begin to run as the heat peels my chest

As I look down, it falls as if some clothing vest.

Red meat is showing and my arms are dangling

I run and scream as my body's combusting.

My feet are now stubs; elbows to the nub

No more can I run as I turn to a bloody blob.

Unspeakable pain now I feel no more

I still stand but my head is touching the floor.

I am facing high and yet feel so low

And view my flesh steaming in orange glow.

Nothing more do I feel and yet, I can still see

Just my brain cooking thoughts of this tortured memory.


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