'07 A Queen Everyday+

-Some Kind of Love

Another morning to love you,

with or without "your" makeup,

You are always shinning through.

everything and anything

to make you happy and smile

I pledge my feelings for you

to smother and bathe you,

promising you that extra mile...

Another afternoon to love you

with or without oils and creams,

explore your every fantasy

with my palms & fingertips

cause I know it feels good to you.

Relaxed and in love we are

everything and everyday

like this it will be,

but the day is not over by far...

Another evening to love you

I pledge my romance to you

A candle light dinner for two

The night could end

but we slow dance instead

we patiently dance to bed

with pink & red petals

all over our bed spread...

Don't worry about me,

comfort and happiness

is all I ever want and need you to be.

I pledge my love for you

with everything and anything I do and say

because I remember that first special day when I said,

"I would treat you like A Queen Everyday."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being alone is getting better

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41tulips's picture

Yes.. being alone gets better when you get used to it. This is a pretty poem by the way... sigh... very romantic.

Melissa Marina Flores