'03 The Sandwich

-Some Kind of Love

Sometimes when I know you are hungry,
I ask if you want to something to eat.
Then you ask, "Do you love me?"
I say I love you very much baby.
So what would you like to eat?
"Can you make me a sandwich?"

I begin making your food while you watch T.V.

I make it just how she likes it:

Two slices of Honeywheat bread, of course,
Soft bread what it must be; no coarse
One slice of cheese,

Half a tablespoon of mayonnaise...
spread it around with ease...
cause my baby is hard to please...

I add one slice of ham, which she only likes to have.

I carefully remove the egdes of The Sandwich.
Tenderly cut the masterpiece into four triangles;
I add either Flamming Hot or regular Lays.
Put it on a plate and set it on the table;
I try to keep it out of my baby's reach.
Impossible it is...

my baby always gets her ways.


©David Joel Rodriguez

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Very intresting.