'07 Woman Inquired

-Some Kind of Love

Well I'm here with you now

What can I say, you I'm into

I'm next to you but you

make me fly all around

I could fly next to the sun carefully...

but you already melt every part of me.

I could float away into outer space...

but you already take my breath away.

I could wander the Milky Way Galaxy...

but you're already the sweetest I've ever seen.

I must be careful, not to circumvent

I'm falling to attend infinite percent

So, allow me to begin to flatter you

I'm still in space so I'm missing you...

When you asked why I drink lots of liquids

well, being around you leaves me dehydrated

When you asked why I never need anything

well, being with you is everything I always wanted.

"I fall for you everytime I see you,

yet you send me so high of the ground

getting lost with a different view

and your voice soothing me all around..."

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nice poetry...

nice poetry...