'03 What's It Like?

-Some Kind of Love

We sleep holding each other

Her head on my chest

one arm over

as the sun begins to crest

I turn at my lover

only to see

her back is towards me

miss the hugs in bed

nice and warm with tender loving care

but she'd rather be on her side instead

six in the morning, I choose to stare

really happy to be with her

I can no longer bare

to love what is mine

no longer there...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's is like when she's gone?

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Michelle Bevan's picture

i related to your poem i just broke up with my x fiance i was so sad but got over it it was hard being with your partner evey night the affection and closeness then it's gone and you feel empty but healing takes time..thankyou for your poem..Love Shells xxxx

41tulips's picture

Hmmmm...... beautifully said.

Melissa Marina Flores