'02 What does Love say?

-Some Kind of Love

What Does love say?

I've met,

I've joined together,

I've laughed,

I've argued,

I've fought,

I've cried,

I've made up,

I've compiled,

I've rejoiced,

and I've exchanged Love.

All in all, Love says I've gained, I've won,

and most of all, I have Lost...Love.

But, no matter what, in the end,

I will always end up Loving again.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

excellent piece and so true. This is wonderful! Happy New Year!

Shawntasy *'s picture

What does love say? Love, like your poetry says so very much.

G. L. Dean's picture

Only one word can come close too describbing this ... beautiful, absolutly beautiful