'02 Without You*

-Some Kind of Love

I wake up in the morning,

always wondering.

In my case muttering.

All these days which I have spent,

being alone which I don't intend.

I end up coming across her strawberry scent.

Creme de Fraise, the smell I suspect,

mostly in my room is where I detect.

If she were here with me it would be...perfect.

How could a guy love someone so sweet?

When near, it creates erotic heat,

when together, makes me feel complete.

Come to thinking of you, you're everywhere!!

Look, I found a hair!

Now I'm really in despair!

That's no fair!

You're not here nor there!

Please hurry home and comfort your little bear...!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, please hurry!

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Tami's picture

Just passing by thru the site. I was imformed of your poems by a friend from S.A. I really like this poem, lots. ;) I'll come by later and read some of your other stuff. Gotta go back to class.