'02 Meant to Be

-Some Kind of Love

We came in a life of strings.

We are all attached in some way,

some sort of bond,

like a tug-of-war.

People try to pull the two apart,

but when it's meant to be,

they're inseperable in the heart,

like a bear that can't be without his honey.

You meet,

you converse,

you have fun,

you humor,

we are friends,

we are companions,

we are quality,

You're my nature,

I'm you're feature,

these are our attributes,

and we are each others property,

and we make our own characteristics.


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Carolina Hinojosa's picture

I LOVE IT DAVE! This is a great poem. It reminds me that we are all together in this strange mess of a world. It is our world.