'03 Forsaken

Death will come to pleasure Me!

I'm Fornicating with Fear!

Celebrate infinite Jubilee!

No need to time lag;

I lie plundered on a bier.

I flavor myself knowing it's the end.

I lug sideways on the frame.

What kind of Aura has me penned?

I won't release pain;

yet Death defies to tame.

Please give me a toe tag.

No clue as to what commenced me here.

I haven't abided by the rules of my animated life.

"So there is no need to strive isn't there,"Death spoke!?

Nothing is clear,

having my eyes covered in tears.

A slight laceration drains my energy.

I can only scream to a certain degree.

Only the air can hear my outcry.

I won't forgive and I won't forget.

My lifeless body doesn't move only my sweat.

All my mind knows is I've longed for goodbye.


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Sarah Yarbrough's picture

If I got the name right then you have read alot of my poems. Thanx for taking the time to read them. At my age (16) and being in high school no one appreciate poetry. Unless its about sex or drugs. To be 16 I have been through alot and seen more then some people should. But I have such an optimistic, silver lining attitude I seem to not it get to me. My poetry says my anger for I never get mad in person and I never hate anyone or if I do no one ever knows unless they read my poems. I just posted some new ones by the way. So if you would like you could read them. "Shouldn't" is my new fave right now. I will keeping checking out your works. You poems seem to be all over the place on emotions. This one is my fave. You have a real depth when it comes to telling it how it is. Poet to poet ......poetry should always be this raw. Life isn't always flowers....there's alot of weeds in God's garden. Keep up the great work!!