'09 She Won't Miss You*


Night fades and morn became, close an eerie edge;
Pacing endless thoughts of what we both had said.
We did not hurt each other physically.
We did abuse each other emotionally.
Walked away from each other after our discussion;
My eyes leaked a painful process over our decision.

I kept screaming your name in my mind,
'Why did we leave each other behind! ? '
I'd driven for hours throughout the night,
Figuring out how we could make it right.
Not too much time had really past by.
I felt like I was just going to die inside.

'Never been on the edge before,
sadly liked it wanting a little more...'

...funny how we caught each other cheating;
a coincidental reservation, eating comfortably...
By the edge of nonsense thinking of our two-timing sight,
Confidently figuring out how we could make things right,
Knowing in the end our souls would forgive and mend again,
I, confidently, yet carelessly turned, slipping off the edge instead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Typical clumsy male...

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Alison Perry's picture

I really like this poem.