'06 *Still Here

-Some Kind of Love


Now I am waiting because I was wrong

Barely just yesterday, but it feels too long

Please believe me this guy is sincere

When our time is right, you'll see that I'll still be here.


Please allow me to enter your life again

We'll go slow continuing of as friends

Slowly venture in a warm fresh relationship

until we connect with our passionate lips

Our hearts were always beating for each other

and now we live together next to one another


Remember when you told me we needed some space?

Remember when you said things were going to be ok?


Now my waiting is over learning from my wrong

Barely just yesterday but it felt to damn long

Please believe me I'm the guy who will be sincere

Now our time is here, loving each other with happy tears


©David Joel Rodriguez

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41tulips's picture

At first I thought this was a poem... then to my astonishment, it became a song! As I was reading, I imagined an acoustic guitar playing along as I read this... This was really good...I'm not just saying that cause I'm your friend... I think you would know that about me... What else can I say? I feel like you're trying to reach out, but no one can hear you or they wouldn't know what to say... I know the wait may seem long and I know it's heartbreaking, believe me I've been there... One day it will all be okay, you'll see. I know sometimes people think I have little faith, but people would be damned surprised... Be patient, my friend. Don't waste time by feeling lonesome... have fun with what's left of your life... you just don't know when your time is up. You're such a good father and I think you have a lot to teach to that sweet little boy and I know that he's going to teach you a few things as well... Everything will never go our way... I've learned that the hard way... but I've learned to not be sad all the time... a lot is missed when you're too busy being sad... I'm always here for all of my friends... especially the ones that have been good to me all these years... Anyway, enough of my dumbass talk! I really, really liked this! If you've written more songs and haven't posted them, you should post them. -Mel

Melissa Marina Flores