'15 Angels Don't Come Easy


Crossing seas of beautiful blue

Sailing away, admiring hues

Somber rays show me a view

Gentle winds guide me to you

A rhombus cloaks my path ahead

In darkness I pray to see you again

Day by day I whisper your name

Alone I am, to think you, I'm sane 

The waters clash and reminisce 

A certain heat I'd love to dismiss

Edgy storms appear to be near

Like being without you, living in fear

Left or right, I'm caught in a tidal

Up and down, my decision is vital

Hours pass feeling scorched and numb

Floating away from what we've become 

In this heat I doze on the simple days

Dreaming away on your angelic ways...

Sometimes I'm afraid to taste you, I don't want to taste you because I know I will fall in love with and I'm afraid to lose you, if I taste you I am going to go crazy, more crazy than I already am for you. If I do lose you, it's because 'I tasted you'.”

Soon do I wake with memories of you

Drained, yet leaking what I couldn't undo

My abrupt departure was not my intention

'Entangled heartbeats just lost connection'

This heat unleashed this mumbo jumbo

tossing and turning hurting my elbow

A simple pain you cured with your touch

A smile, a stare, and a kiss soon to clutch

The seas become paralleled at last

Aching with thoughts from the past...

I feel loved, yet lost. Everyone takes me in yet I feel undesired. Found, yet undiscovered. Sometimes I just don't know where my tears come from. I am so drained and dehydrated.  How could I leak when I have nothing left to leak.”

Lightning roars in the distance

Like heart rates still in existence

Your voice still lingers in my mind

Keeping me at ease and aligned

I slowly extend and reach out to the air

Visualizing a face that's not really there

I grasp and clinch my hand in sadness

How does an angel stop this madness

I shed my last and lonely empty tear

Yearning how I wish you were here

A journey of thoughts it turned out to be

Wavy tribulations knocking sense into me

Perhaps to think of you, kept me alive

To think of you, kept me from my demise

Thundering rains decided to cease

Awake I am, awaiting your peace

Awaiting your touch, so heavenly

Awaiting your lead, to my serenity


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You've outdone yourself Mr R...this poem is so deep, so beautiful but so sad.

A truly wonderful, thought provoking piece. 

Well done that man. X

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Every time I read these

Every time I read these beautiful words...My heart breaks a little.