Shy Guy

I drop them like hot cakes.

I have to be in the mood for hot cakes.

Regardless I get them for free.

With little effort.

It’s like getting clothes for free when you’re rich.

You don’t need it but they want their clothes to gain reputation.

Was once a shy guy.

Until I found my gift.

My curse.

My bad.

Gained character.

Was known as prince charming.

She was sleeping beauty.

The beauty in my first dreams.

My ego with a giraffe neck.

Hit one pass.

Hit the next pass.

I’m Johnny on draft day


I decline the contract after a couple of weeks.

“I ain’t nothing but a nigga ain’t no reason to pretend”.

Take it in.

I’ll coach a whole team of players.

This is the try outs

But everyone gets cut.

They all have potential.

Instead of them doing suicides.

I’m the one running.




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