Everybody has some sort of fear.

Something every human has in common.

It kind of brings us together.

It’s crazy how things that cause chaos bring us together.

In the times where we all seem to realize we know nothing,

We come together.


You see I have a few fears.

I fear disappointing others.

I want to meet everyone else expectation of me.

I fear caring too much.

Caring so much that it will drive people away.

I fear not reaching my potential.

Wasting my time on little things

So much

That I don’t spend it on what helps me reach my goals.

I fear love.

Being Vulnerable

Giving a woman so much power over me

That one word from her can change my whole day.

Oh but I’ve been in love before

And it’s never gone my way.

But it never lasted more than 6 months.

Not that kind of love.

But a love that makes you want to spend forever with someone.

Scared that one day she’ll leave.

Giving a woman all of your heart.

She could have the shirt off your back

Hell even the underwear you have on.

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